Is Weed Bad For You?

If you smoke weed or know someone who has smoked weed you may be curious to know whether or not weed is bad for you. The truth is it depends on who you are and what you are smoking it for and if opinions and facts make a difference as to whether or not you will continue to smoke it or not. 

Medicinal Marijuana

In the case of asking is weed bad for you, you have to take a step back and look at the people that have been prescribed weed for medicinal purposes. Many individuals that are undergoing chemotherapy and cancer treatments are given a weed prescription if that state allows it because not only does it help with the pain but it also helps to ensure that the person has an appetite and keep the food down. Other people that may take medicinal pot is those who are suffering from chronic pain disorders, those who have nerve problems, those who suffer from severe anxiety, as well as many other things. The people who have experimented with medicinal marijuana because of their medical problems have for the most part not reported any kind of negative symptoms. In fact many of them improved and had some relief from the things that they were going through. 

Recreational Marijuana

Now you look at recreational pot when asking is weed bad for you. Compare it to alcohol and see if the numbers come out the same. People who smoke weed are less likely to do things that you might do when consuming alcohol. In fact most people that smoke pot would rather stay at home or do fun things with a friend than go out and drive or get in a fight with someone. Now people against marijuana say that people who smoke marijuana are more likely to try other drugs but in most cases someone who is just smoking weed is just smoking weed. 

So in answering the question is weed bad for you it really depends on your own personal views. The legality of the weed can make it bad for you because you can get locked up and face jail time. As far as body wise many studies are showing that weed does not cause problems and actually can help the body. Do your research before you decide to consume pot either for medical use or for recreational use. 


Marijuana Is Deadly – Or Is It?

Weed, better known as marijuana or cannabis, is classified as a pyschoactive drug due to its main compound, THC. A psychoactive drug is a chemical substance that affects the central nervous system, meaning it affects brain function by changing mood, perception, cognition (dealing with and understanding new information), consciousness and behavoir.

Even though a consensus is slowly beginning to emerge that weed has a number of positive and negative effects on smokers, it is proven that weed has directly caused 0 (zero!) deaths. This means that no human has ever died directly from weed.

Does that mean that you can’t die from weed? Well, no. It’s a bit more involved. Let me explain: Ordinarily, drugs are given a value called LD-50. This number tells you how much of the drug must be administered so that 50% of animals used for testing will die. So far, all researchers who have tried to find out marijuana’s LD-50 rating haven’t been successful. Essentially, this indicates that researchers haven’t been able to give test animals enough weed to kill them.

Still, weed’s LD-50 value is guessed to lie between 1:20’000 and 1:40’000. This basically means that to be killed by weed, you would have to consume 20’000 to 40’000 times as much weed as is contained in one marijuana cigarette. A joint weighs around 0.9 grams, meaning you would have to smoke 1’500 pounds (680kg) of weed withing 15 minutes for it to induce death. This is virtually impossible, I’m sure some of you know that after the fifth joint you’d either be unconscious or raiding the fridge for goodies!

So far we’ve established that is it unimaginable that weed consumption will directly lead to your death. What about indirectly? As long as you use cannabis responsibly, it is unliley that you will die from weed. However, it is proven that over 25% of drivers involved in accidents have narcotics in their system, the most common drug being marijuana. So, I implore you to use marijuana responsibly! At all costs, avoid placing yourself in a position where you, under the influence of THC, will put yourself or even worse, others, in harm’s way.

Additionally, this is only true provided you consume clean marijuana. Stay away from tainted marijuana, this can be harmful to your health, dangerous, and in some cases even lethal! Please ensure yourself that you only consume pure, high quality weed. Otherwise you’ll be putting yourself in serious risk! Additional «ingredients» sure as kerosene will have surprising (or even deadly) side effects you want to avoid at all costs!

A majority of political figures that are against the legalization of weed assert that smoking weed will cause lung cancer. Is this true? Can smoking weed lead to lung cancer? They have got it all wrong! Studies suggest that people who routinely smoke marijuana even have a decreased risk of being diagnoes with lung cancer than those who are «clean». This means that smoking weed might even act as a protective shield against certain types of cancer, thanks to its main «ingredient», THC.

To summarize

  • So far, no one has ever died directly through weed-use.
  • Researchers haven’t succeeded in giving animals enough weed to lead to their death.
  • To induce death, you would have to consume 1’500 pounds (680kg) of weed within 15 minutes! To do so would be highly improbable.
  • When using cannabis, stay away from putting yourself or others in danger. Consume weed responsibly.
  • Assure yourself that your marijuana is not tainted, meaning that you only consume pure, high quality grass.
  • It is likely that smoking marijuana may even protect your body from certain types of cancer.

Is it possible to overdose on marijuana? In short, no. The likelyhood that weed will kill you, provided you use it responsibly, is next to nothing.